What you should know about Roaches

What part of the cockroach produces the allergen?
It is the cast skins of the cockroach which causes most of the allergic reactions.

Is there a relationship between cockroach allergy and asthma?
Yes. A study conducted in inner city Atlanta found a high proportion of children admitted to emergency rooms for asthma had high sensitivities to cockroach and dust mites.

How to reduce exposure to cockroach allergen?

  1. Keep all foods in sealed containers.
  2. Remove all food waste from the home or office.
  3. Keep plumbing well maintained to reduce leaks and condensation on pipes which becomes a water source for roaches.
  4. Increase ventilation in damp areas.
  5. Seal roach entry areas around baseboards.
  6. Use Boric Acid or diatomaceous earth in kitchen cabinets, under appliances, and sinks.